If you’re like us, this spring and summer has been anything but business as usual. As we all try to navigate the new home/work/life balance, the meaning of fashion and how we get dressed each morning is also changing.


However, the appeal of easy-to-wear mix-and-match neutrals and prints has not diminished.


For anyone who has been following us for a while, you know that LINEA Paolo shoes has the best animal prints – in fact, leopard print has been a brand signature since we launched in 2002. But today, we’re going to highlight a lesser known animal print that has become a favorite amongst stylish women of all ages this year – snake print.

KAI II | sand-platino snake print leather

Read on to find out why we love snake print and discover all the versatile and easy-to-wear snake print options in our collection.

FELICIA III | white-silver leopard print hair calf; black-platino snake print leather; sand-platino snake print leather

Top 5 Reasons to Love Snake Print in 2020:


  1. 1. Natural snake print leathers are the perfect neutral – much like camo or leopard print, they go with everything
  2. 2. Because as much as we’re in love with leopard print, sometimes you want something a little more… subtle
  3. 3. High quality snake print shoes elevate and focus your look, be it casual or dressy
  4. 4. Print mixing is fun – so break out those camo print tees and leopard print leggings
  5. 5. Because if you’re going to add one trend item to your shoe wardrobe this season… you want it to be different and special

KENDRA | camo print suede | KENDRA II | ivory-black python print leather

CHACE | ivory-black python print leather


As we’re wearing our favorite denim and tees on repeat, planning our next Zoom outfit and day dreaming about a real date night, or a night on the town with friends, we’ve found more and more of our snake print styles making their way into the front of our closets. (Evidently, we also really love these green pants, which somehow also work unexpectedly well as a neutral.)


What are you wearing on repeat right now?

FELICIA III | black-platino snake print leather


From sneakers to mules to sandals to pumps, we have so many snake print leather options to choose from. And as with all our LINEA Paolo exclusive materials, you won’t find our limited edition snake prints from anyone else!


Keep scrolling to see more of our favorites – including those fabulous green pants!

PADMA | ivory-black python print leather

KIRBY II | ivory-black python print leather

SYLVIA II | ivory-black python print leather

DAX II | ivory-black python print leather | DAX | white-desert leather

RENZ II | white-black-grey python print leather

FELICIA III | white-black-grey python print leather


Which snake print style do you like best?


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