AUGUST 2018 Extraordinary Woman | Katie Kath

AUGUST 2018 Extraordinary Woman | Katie Kath

This year LINEA Paolo is celebrating our customers – women just like you by recognizing an Extraordinary Woman each month through our blog and social media channels.

Our August 2018 Extraordinary Woman is Katie Kath – a mom, hands-on female entrepreneur, and one half the dynamic design + build duo at Jkath Design Build + Reinvent. Katie is a native Minnesotan who loves warm weather, a good book, and Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

We sat down with Katie to learn more about what inspires her in life, personal style and work.

LINEA Paolo:
Tell us about your top 10 favorite things…


#1) A really good book – a recent fav is The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah

#2) My laptop – because you never know

#3) Lash Boost from Rodan and Fields – my eyelashes never looked better!

#4) Fly Feet Running studio in Minneapolis – it’s the best way to start my day

#5) Vital Proteins Collagen – every morning in my coffee

#6) Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 

#7) Cannon Beach, Oregon – it’s the summer retreat for our family

#8) Warm temps – I hate air conditioning

#9) My remodeled kitchen – I live in this space

#10) Birthday Cake – it’s my guilty pleasure

LINEA Paolo:
You had us at pinot noir and birthday cake! Speaking of yummy food and remodeled kitchens, we’d love hear about what you’ve learned as a woman working in the male-dominated field of residential remodeling…

I’ve actually come full circle on this, sometimes knowing your place and your power is ok. In a male dominated space, having my husband take the lead with certain clients or subcontractors gets the job done. It’s ok. It’s not my job to change their perspective, it’s business. In the end my talents become known and the trust has been earned. Similarly, with my husband, working with our female clients. Trust isn’t easy to hand out, as long as we continue to over-deliver, our clients will never regret hiring us.

LINEA Paolo:
Your collaborative outlook and level-headed perspective certainly lead to amazing results! Your portfolio is full of energizing, functional and harmonious spaces. Tell us about your personal style – what’s your trademark look?

My trademark style is everything from casual to artsy and the occasional girl next door!

LINEA Paolo:
That’s fun and gives you a lot of flexibility – what about your 5 must haves for your work wardrobe?

# 1) My LINEA Paolo Shoes – no joke! I wore FELICIAs everyday last Spring until sandal weather came around

#2) Funky-yet-casual blazer to wear with:

#3) A graphic tee

#4) An oversized leather bag/tote for my top 10 favorite things

#5) A classic white tee, it goes with everything



LINEA Paolo:
Awww thanks – we just love being #1 on the must haves list! So now for the really important question – why do you love shoes?

I love shoes because it’s the easiest way to change an outfit from day to night, casual to dressy, sporty to dinner party. I also think shoes should be an investment. They complete the look and can easily be worn with so many different looks, if done right they can be a wardrobe staple and a capsule collection must have.


LINEA Paolo:
Such a good answer. This is what keeps inspiring us to do what we do! Speaking of inspiration – tell our readers about what inspires you…

This is a tough one, many things inspire me:

Mostly creativity, seeing things done with a twist.

A challenge inspires me, ask me to complete something I haven’t quite done before.

Goal setting, inspires and encourages me to see it through to the end.

Other leaders, women living purposeful lives, authenticity, vulnerability, real and genuine examples of rising up and falling down to pick up the pieces again.

Grace inspires me, when people extend me grace and likewise. We’re all human and at this together, let’s be kind and honest and lift each other up.

LINEA Paolo:
That’s such an amazing list – and how do you hope to inspire others?

Again, by extending grace. Living a judgement free life and continuing to see the good in all circumstances and the possibilities for change.

LINEA Paolo:
All of this ties-in so well to your design work… Which brings us to our final question:

Can you share with us something about yourself that most other people don’t know about you?

Before Jkath Design + Build I owned my own company for just under 10 years.

In my mid 20’s I opened my own wine bar in Minneapolis. This was no small task as I had $5,000 in my checking account. With a location in site and a business plan I put together in one night I pitched family and friends and raised $120,000. I brought this to the bank to extend a much larger loan in the ballpark of $350,000 to build out my new restaurant.

I had the support of my now late husband at the time (although we were not yet married). The business launched nearly on time (8 weeks late which is good for a restaurant opening), it grew rapidly as I expanded into the wedding venue business and utilized a second story space that was vacant in our building.

In turn I was able to pay off the near $500,000 debt in 5 years and report a positive cash flow for years 2-5. Most people know I owned a wine bar, many don’t know the hustle that came with it.

These 5 years called for tireless working hours, team building, cash flow management, and all the highs and lows that came with it. Enough to know when I walked away a few years later, I was ready to find my true passion. Tap into my creative energy and get to work with one on one client relationships and less mass customer interfacing.

LINEA Paolo:
Katie, thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story with us and making the time for this interview!

Follow Katie on Instagram @jkath_designbuild and see more of her beautiful work at:


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