April 2018 Extraordinary Woman | Alexa Williams

April 2018 Extraordinary Woman | Alexa Williams

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VOCATION: Health Care Professional, Fashion Blogger, Style Influencer and World Traveler


I’m an avid traveler. I’m always on the go at least once a month. I have some beautiful trips planned for this year (Barcelona, Madrid, California at the end of this month)

I work full-time at a hospital and blog part-time, which is something I am extremely passionate about and do not take lightly.

I am thankful for the kind people I have met and look forward to building more relationships and creating memories with the great people in my life!

My 10 Favorite Things:

  1. My mom and dad
  2. Oreo thins
  3. Traveling with my fiancé
  4. Watching This is Us
  5. Shooting with different photographers (helps me with range and versatility)
  6. Iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks
  7. Going to the movies
  8. Shopping
  9. Helping people and sharing things I’ve learned so that others don’t make the same mistakes
  10. Laying on the beach…any beach lol

My Personal Style is… polished, put together and high-lower mixer with different brands

My Trademark style… classic and chic

And why do you LOVE shoes?

I love shoes because I feel like to really pull the entire look together. I think they can be a statement for a look and take it to the next level. Shoes are versatile pieces in your closet that you can wear over and over again but achieve completely different looks each time. It’s a chance to be bold and have some fun.

Connect with Alexa on Instagram @Champagne_Muse

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